LOGITECH Group Video Conferencing

Video conferencing for mid to large-sized meeting rooms


LOGITECH Video Conferencing in Ethiopia

All-in-one video conferencing solution for medium to large meeting rooms 

Video Conferencing in Ethiopia Logitech introduces a new all-in-one standalone collaboration system designed to revolutionize the world of video conferencing. The Logitech Group is a video conferencing solution that provides a wide field of view and clear audio for more collaborative, productive meetings.

The Logitech GROUP Video Conferencing system offers professional-quality video and audio. The Logitech conferencing solution comes with a remote control for easy camera operation and navigation.

Exceptional Camera

A 1080p HD digital camera with a 90º field of view means everyone in the meeting space will be seen no matter the angle of view and without the need to huddle around a small camera.

The Group Logitech camera functions include a Pan feature that can be panned over a range of 260º and a tilt facility allowing it to be tilted 130º to expand the camera’s scope. The 10x lossless HD zoom can be used to focus on an individual participant while maintaining high-quality visuals.

HD Quality Video

Logitech group video conferencing kit always delivers great quality and the image quality of the Logitech Group camera is no exception. With the premium length of the lens, 10x Zoom with no loss of quality and 1080p quality at 30fps you will get great visuals every time.

Presenters and whiteboards will also be framed perfectly with the pan/tilt and zoom controls available via your connected device or the remote control; you can ensure that your medium or large conference room is covered wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling.

Outstanding audio quality

These remarkable video capabilities are matched by outstanding audio, which is specifically designed for a video conference, and are ideal for conferences in which everyone is present and can hear clearly within a 6-meter radius around the Logitech Group speakerphone module.

With additional technology such as AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation) and Noise Reduction, your audio delivery will sound natural and any background noise will be greatly reduced.

Logitech Group Sound Quality

For what size meeting room is a Logitech Group recommended?

With a wide field of view, great visuals, and crisp audio you will almost believe you are face-to-face. The Logitech Group conferencing kit can be used for meetings of 14-20 people but can also be used in a smaller conference room.

How easy is it to connect a Logitech Group?

The setup of the Logitech videoconferencing equipment is very simple, with USB Plug and Play connectivity you can jump right into your meetings. Not only is this compatible with PC, and MAC, but you can also use it with most UC and video conferencing software.

The Logitech speakerphone unit can also even be connected to Bluetooth devices like your smartphone or tablet for conference calls using Bluetooth and NFC technology, it can even be used for music streaming.




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