NEC SL2100 PABX System

The NEC SL2100 is a business PBX System designed for 5 to 100 users. It offers a high-end office telephone system solution with an affordable price tag. You can choose from a wide range of wired and Wireless NEC Phones with SL2100 PABX System. The SL2100 includes a variety of inbuilt application choices, such as call manager, call center, call recorder, and conferencing. The service provider connectivity options include ISDN, SIP Trunks, and PSTN Analog Lines


NEC SL2100 PABX Telephone System in Ethiopia

The ways that we do business and communicate are rapidly changing. Mobility has also become the norm. Expectations of the customer have also soared, and budgets shrunk. NEC SL2100 in Ethiopia will surely galvanize your team, and in return, this will create positive experiences for your customers which will generate repeat business. SL2100 is ultimately cost-effective since there is more built-in.

With the VoIP capabilities, this unveils solutions with upgraded and future-proof potential. This also represents considerable functionality and savings over and above the alternative hosted solution.

More other good reasons to choose SL2100 are:

  • Value for Money

Low price tag yet powerful communications, SL2100 allows you to pay for what you only need. This is without recurrent licensing costs. SL2100 is scalable as your own business grows.

  • Stay Connected

Single-number reaches, built in online conferencing, smartphone apps, unified messaging and more keep customers and colleagues connected and up to date.

  • Easy to Use

Highly intuitive features and applications can easily be used by your team allowing them to become more productive.  The simple installation also means that there will be no downtime.

  • Safety First

The built-in apps can be conveniently be configured to protect businesses against malicious frauds and attacks. SL2100 includes diverse and expanded portfolio of In-apps. This is widely recognized because of the compelling benefits it provides to businesses.

The significance of Effective Communication to Business System in Ethiopia

Effective communication is crucial for the development of businesses or organizations. This is a factor that helps managers perform essential functions of the management system including planning, organizing, controlling, motivating and more. Also, communication skills either oral or written form are the basis of business activities.

It is vital to communicate effectively and smoothly during negotiations and business transactions to make sure that you achieve your business goals. Communication is vital within the company or business for this help better working relationships to foster between you and your staff. In turn, this can improve efficiency and morale.

If you wanted to invest in a reliable communication system, you could take advantage of the SL2100. With this, you are therefore guaranteed to achieve smart and dependable communication system that can deliver large benefit s to you and your business.

Also available in Panasonic 




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